ASMR TYPING on TM680 with TTC Silent Bluish White

TM680 is one of the most popular hot-swap keyboard kits on the market. We decided to try this barebone keyboard with TTC silent bluish white tactile switches and Icecream PBT dye-sub OEM keycaps. Original TM680 stabilizers are not so good, so we swap them with Everglide Panda stabilizers and lubed them with Glorious lube. Keyboard is tape modded + EVA foam.

OUTEMU BOX BROWN ASMR Typing on Redragon Dragonborn

Outemu Box Brown are one of the most popular switches for budget keyboards like: Redragon, White Shark, Eshark, MS Industrial, etc. This tactile MX switches feature a light tactile bump and a force curve that is extremely similar to Cherry MX Browns, though overall force is slightly heavier, and the switch mechanism is a bit louder. Redragon Dragonborn is CIY socket keyboard and you can use any Outemu switches in it, like Gazzew Bobagum, Silent Forest or U4 Boba switches.

Glorious Compact GMMK White Ice Edition Review

Glorious Compact GMMK White Ice Edition is a good starting point for those who want to get into 60% hot-swappable mechanical keyboards. Glorious sells WIE compacts in the same manner as their full size and TKL versions, which means you have to buy it prebuilt with Gateron Brown switches and ABS double shot keycaps. Let see if this keyboard is right for you.

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